Final Countdown


I officially have just one week of hiking left and then can say that I have hiked 2,200 miles, gone through 14 states and faced all kinds of weather! I’m a little more than super excited! But it does seem strange that I’ll have to go back to “normal” which means getting a job and all that fun stuff, and I’ll be able to shower more than once a week. That’ll be weird.

Made it into Duncannon this morning and ended up spending the day here. Staying in The Doyle Hotel, which is over 100 years old, but is totally cool! Hoping to resupply in town before leaving tomorrow to pull a long day of hiking. Approximately a marathon worth of hiking, but it will be super. The hotel has a bar in it so some greasy bar food is definitely on the menu!

The past few days have been pretty good. Pulled a few 24+ mile days, one of which was in the POURING RAIN all day, not huge amounts of fun. But it’s been good otherwise! Seven days to go, it’s almost scary!

Happy hiking!






Two More States


So I hit Pennsylvania yesterday, which officially means I have two more states to go through until I’m finished! After “rocksylvania” I’ll have Maryland and then hit West Virginia to finish up my hike! I’m hoping to finish up before the end of the month, which means I have around 2 weeks left!

This morning I made it into Wind Gap, where I was able to pick up some boxes. One of which was from the amazing group of hikers I met on the Long Trail, who supplied me with some inspiring letters and delicious meals! Can’t thank them enough! Also got some more clothes from my parents!

Been having a great time out in the wilderness, although it’s a bit rainy today, but not so bad! I got to shower yesterday which was fantastic! Looking forward to the rest of my hike!

Happy hiking!





The “Deli” State!


Hit New York this morning, which leaves me with about 420 miles to go in approximately 3 weeks! From what I’ve heard from other hikers, New York is the deli state because apparently you can get deli sandwiches nearly every day. My stomach will be overjoyed, my wallet not so much. I’ll have to try and not hit every one of them. But I did have to stop at Tonys Deli, the first one to celebrate!

The past few weeks have been amazing! I’ve met a bunch of other SOBOs and ran into a few late NOBOs too. I have also met some of the kindest people.

One such person is Maria McCabe who runs a small hostel in Salisbury, CT. She came from Italy years ago and has lived through a lot, yet is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met! She absolutely loves hikers and welcomes them into her home with open arms! I only wish I could have stayed longer than one night.

I also met another great lady and her husband near Salisbury. Robert and Cheri were hiking along the AT when I happened to run into them. They later picked me up in the road towards town and with an amazing act of kindness offered to buy me a new pair of hiking boots. I couldn’t believe it at first, but was overwhelmed with their generosity and absolutely kindness. While talking with them we found out that we had all gone to the same college and that they were from close to the college town! Small world!

They were truly trail angels, and lifted my spirits that day. As well as my feet, my old boots were more duct tape than boot.

Hiking through the fall weather has been amazing and I can only hope to see more!

Happy hiking!





The Great Whites


Made it out alive! Nothing but smooth sailing from here! I climbed over the last four thousand footer, Mt Moosilauke this morning. Had some pretty great views coming through the Whites, and some amazing weather as well. The first rain I got was yesterday, and of course it rained all day!

Also saw my first nearly naked hiker. He was just wearing his whitey tightys and a shirt, although the whitey tightys were not all that tight at all. Not something I needed to see!

Other than that the views have been great. I really enjoyed the Whites, couldn’t have asked for better weather! I should be making it into Hanover in the next few days and then into my home state!

Happy Hiking!

Mount Washington and Beyond


Two days ago I began my quest into the White Mountains of New Hampshire! The trail started me with Mount Moriah, then on to Carter Dome when I spent the night at the Carter Dome Hut in their work for stay program. It was an awesome place to stay and I did get to feast on the leftovers of the excellent dinner and breakfast, which was fantastic!

I also learned that the hut had recently celebrated its 100th birthday, it is the oldest hut still in use. After a lovely evening there, I continued to the Wildcat Mountains and then down into Pinkham Notch. I spent the night at The Barn Hostel in town, which was pretty awesome, no complaints here!

Today I am off to tackle Mount Washington and some of the Presidential range, hoping to land another work for stay at the Lakes of the Clouds hut, which seems like a pretty great time!

Happy Hiking!







The past week has been a great one. I’ve gotten to take it easy at the best shelter on the AT. One not really on the trail, but certainly close to it, my grandparents camp on Rangeley Lake! After making it from Monson to Rangeley, where I was picked up, it was great to have a shower do some laundry and generally take it easy for at least a few days.

I’ve gotten to sleep in a few times, eaten more than my share of pies and cookies, and whatever else my grandma offered up. Me and my parents and my gram also got to hike a 13 miles section, which was great! Although it was a little slower than I’m used to hiking, it was totally fun! Coming up and over the Bigelows and over Saddleback (which my gram has been trying to get me to hike for years) was awesome. Having Gram meet me at the top of Saddleback was pretty great too, she helped make my day even better by bringing up some cupcakes and a sandwich along with delicious other goodies!

Tomorrow I’ll be headed back to the trail to tackle the Mahoosuc Notch, but I won’t be alone. My mom and gram are planning on coming through that section with me! Then it’ll be on to New Hampshire and the Whites!

Hike Happy!